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General Payment Information
Important Information

Tax bills are billed on a Quarterly Basis:    Under the quarterly payment system, you will be mailed a "preliminary" tax bill each year by July 1st.  Your preliminary tax will be based on one half the prior years annual tax divided by two.  This bill will include two payment coupons; the first coupon is due on or before August 1st, the 2nd coupon will be due on or before November 1st.  These payments will be assessed interest and late charges in accordance with Massachusetts General Law.

The 3rd & 4th quarter bills will be mailed on or before December 31st.  These bills are your "actual" tax bills.  This bill will also include two payment coupons.  The 3rd quarter payment coupon is due on or before February 1st, and the 4th quarter payment coupon will be due on or before May 1st.  The actual  bill will show the assessed valuation of your property, the current tax rate and the total annual amount of property taxes that you owe for the fiscal year, including betterments, special assessments or other charges that are added to the tax.  The tax bill will also show the amount of preliminary tax billed earlier as a credit against your actual tax for the year providing that your preliminary taxes have been paid.

Under the quarterly payment system, interest on late tax payments will be charged for the number of days that the payment is actually delinquent.  For example, if a payment is due on Novemer 1st is not made timely, interest will be charges from that date until the date the payment is made.  


Payments must be received in the Office by 4:00pm on the due date (12:00 pm if the due date is a Friday):  Post marks are not accepted as receipt dates.  Payments must actually be received in the office to avoid additional charges.  Payment forms accepted: cash, check or Money Order.

The Treasurer/Collector’s Office is located on the first floor of the Town Hall @ 4 Uxbridge Road and the office is open Monday –Thursday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Tuesday evenings 6:30 PM -8:30 PM and Friday’s 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM.  There is also a drop box (located to the left of the Town Hall steps near the Police Department) where residents may drop off tax payments& town census requests. Payments left in the box will be credited the NEXT business day.

If you use your banks “On-Line” payment system such as “Home Link” please be aware that the Town is actually mailed a check.  It may take up to two weeks for the Collector’s office to receive the check from your bank.

Checks should be made payable to “Town of Sutton”

Please enclose the remittance portion of the bill to ensure proper credit.  If you would like a receipt, enclose a self addressed & stamped envelope with both the payment and the remittance portion of your bill.

If your taxes are being paid by a Bank or Mortgage Company,  please contact them to ensure that they have the correct tax information for your account. Remember, as the property owner you are the responsible for the tax obligations.

Please do not “post-date” personal checks.~ Checks are deposited daily.~ If a check is dishonored by a bank for any reason a returned check fine of $ 25.00 or 1%of the face value of the check whichever is higher will be added.~ It is illegal to submit “post-dated” checks for payment.~

Credit Card and Online Payments are accepted:  Please have your check book and bill ready click on the link for Online Payments.    Please note that online payments can only be made on current accounts. You have 30 days from the issue date
of a bill to utilize the Town’s online payment system.

LOCK BOX PAYMENTS:  You may wish to use the envelope provided in the bill received when submitting your payment.  This envelope is addressed to the Town of Sutton’s Lock Box in Worcester MA.  Payments received at this site are deposited into the Town’s Account immediately and payment files are sent to our office for immediate posting.  Please note that in order for the Lock Box Company to process your payment you must include the remit portion of your bill. If the remittance stub is not enclosed, your payments are returned to our office and there may be a delay in posting to your account.~ “Home Link” or “on-line payment” checks are not able to be processed at our lock box location as they do not contain a remittance.

Town of Sutton  4 Uxbridge Rd., Sutton, MA 01590
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