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Delinquent Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Bills
        Please keep in mind that so long as a municipality mails an excise tax bill to a registrant and the bill is sent to the registrants address as it appears on the vehicle’s registration.  The registrant is presumed to have received the tax bill, regardless whether he or she has in fact received the bill and is nevertheless, liable for its timely payment.

Online payments for excise tax are accepted only within the 30 days from the date of issue on the original tax mailed.  Once an excise tax bill has gone passed the initial due date on the first mailing, payment must be made either by mail or at our office.

There are 5 Notices mailed prior to any delinquent tax bills being marked at the registry of Motor Vehicles for non-renewal of License or registration.  They are indicated below:

The first notice is the initial tax bill.  This tax bill is based on the assessed value of your vehicle X by $ 25.00 per thousand of the valuation.  You have 30 days to pay this bill from the date of issue.

The 2nd notice of collection is the Demand bill.  The demand bill will include interest and a $ 10.00 demand fee and is due and payable within 14 days from the date of issue.

        The 1st notice of warrant is the third notice of collection.  This notice will be issued from Kelley & Ryan Associates and include the demand and interest fees as well as a first warrant fee of $ 22.00.

        The 2nd notice of warrant is the 4th notice of collection.  This notice will be issued from our deputy tax collector Kelley & Ryan Associates and will include the demand and interest, the $ 22.00 first warrant fee and an additional $ 17.00 2nd notice of warrant fee.

        The final notice of warrant is the 5th and final notice of collection.  This is the last notice that you will receive prior to your license and registration being marked at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.  This notice will be hand delivered to your last known address by the Deputy Tax Collector Kelley & Ryan Associates.  

        Once you have become marked at the registry of motor vehicles, all payments must be made in cash at our office or payment can be made directly to the Deputy tax Collector at the following website:
 It is also important to note that if you have any other bills in addition to the Marked Excise Tax Bill; you must pay them before we can clear your license at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

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